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SIX EASY steps to a great GRADUATE CV


Most employers make up their mind about you after a 20 second scan of your CV. You need to ensure your CV is up-to-scratch, and can showcase the skills and experience that the company needs.





Identify skills and experience that the employer is looking for. They are the criteria against which your CV will be assessed, and should be listed on the job description.


Think of examples from your work, internships, volunteering, study, interests, travel or home life – that prove you have these job requirements.


Work out which sections you need in your CV, and then decide on section titles and order. It's up to you whether you place your education before work experience.




If your undergraduate course is relevant to your job sector, find ways of highlighting the relevant projects and content studied, as well as any relevant work experience.


Incorporate your examples into the most relevant section/s of your CV. Make sure you have provided evidence for every job requirement.


Triple check ALL spelling and grammar and ask someone else to proofread this too. 





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