Inspiration Teacher Training

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Stand: B09

Type of opportunity offered

> Postgraduate study/professional training

Sector offered

> Teaching  


About Inspiration Teacher Training

Teachers make a significant difference to the lives of children, and Inspiration Teacher Training exists to ensure that children have the best teachers they possibly can. Our Curriculum Centre brings together leading curriculum specialists in a range of subjects, who ensure that the training year is intellectually rigorous and immediately relevant to teaching in schools.

Our courses are designed to be intellectually stimulating, intense, challenging, and rewarding at every stage. At the end of the training year, you will enter the profession confident that you have had the best possible training available. Since teaching is both an academic and creative discipline, our courses aim to get the balance just right; whilst being academically rigorous it is also extremely practical.

Teaching is a brilliantly rewarding career: that 'lightbulb moment' when a pupil gets it is priceless. And with our teacher training programme you could get a scholarship or bursary of up to £28,000 to fund your studies and the chance to train and teach in one of the UK's most attractive places to live.

Our modern course offers deep subject-specific training, one-on-one mentoring matched with flexible online learning, and the chance to make a difference in the classroom from the very start. You'll end the year with Qualified Teacher Status, a PGCE, and a thirst for sharing knowledge.


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