Stand: B05

TalentRocket is the company culture recruitment platform, offering users the ability to search for jobs at companies based on workplace perks and culture.

Type of opportunity offered

> Immediate Vacancies

> Graduate Schemes 2016- 2017

> Internships/Work experience

Sector offered

> Advertising, marketing and PR > Financial services and insurance
HR and recruitment > IT and Technology
> Media, journalism and PR > Retail, buying and merchandising
> Sales  

About TalentRocket

We're a curated jobs site, handpicking employers that value company culture and the importance of a happy workforce above all else. Our clients include top tech startups and SMEs such as Uber, Transferwise, Borrow My Doggy and Deliveroo.

Through our platform, candidates are able to search and discover companies that embody what they look for in a place of work.

Our companies are seeking talent for roles in programming, graphic design, UX, marketing, business development, HR and many more business functions.

We list roles ranging from entry to board level, including internships, graduate schemes and mid-level roles for those with 1-3 years in industry; ideal for students with all levels of work experience.

All TalentRocket companies are equal opportunity employers, and many offer training opportunities, benefits and career development as standard.

Listed roles are predominantly based in London and the South East.


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